Air Quality Monitoring (AQM)

Airscan Air Quality Monitoring solution is a low-cost system that offers the ability to build a high-density ambient air quality network that records data in real-time. Airscan is an out of the box solution for urban air quality monitoring.

Airscan hardware diagram

Acoustic Monitoring Module

Our acoustic monitoring module allows for the counting and categorization of vehicles, as well as determining their direction. Edge-computing enabled device combining acoustic and Artificial Intelligence, the Real Time Events Detector (RTExD). 

It helps to combat traffic-related noise pollution and detects accidents. Airscan’s acoustic module is capable of detecting and analysing all types of sounds associated with violence and insecurity such as gunshots, explosions, screaming, breaking glass, roaring crowd. 

Designed to be integrated into the environment where video camera installations are not needed. Ideal for improving safety, security and emergency response by monitoring such specific sounds. 

Airscan is a much cheaper solution and easier to implement than video cameras and combined with Air Quality and Journey Time modules is the future of efficient smart cities.

Software System

Cloud hosted data presented in real time onto a web management interface optimised for PC, tablet and all mobile devices to enable data to be accessed at all times. 

Whether you have one or more Airscan AQM, the dashboard will enable you to view all your data at a single point. Our completely customizable dashboard provides a quick view dials and more in-depth graphs in real-time and full downloadable reports available. 

Open APIs enable data to be published and fully integrated into third party applications. Compatible with multiple third-party products including variable message signs.

Airscan monitoring

Airscan System Architecture

The system makes use of Amazon Web Services which offers full scalability, reliability and a secure environment. 

Its many features and tools enable rapid development, deployment, troubleshooting and enables deep diagnostics. Amazon’s AI tools allow for machine learning and easy interrogation of data to predict outcomes.