Control and Signaling

Discover a broad range of signaling devices including tower lights, rotating beacons and sound solutions. Designed to alert operators to faults, our signaling devices enable them to rectify problems quickly. Harmony signaling devices offer a clean, innovative design that enhances machine appearance suited for a range of application needs.

Push Buttons, Pilot Lights and Controls

Cam Switches

Control Stations Metal

Control Stations Plastic

DIA 16 Plastic Modular

DIA 22 Common Metal/Plastic

DIA 22 Metal

DIA 22 Plastic

DIA 30 Metal

DIA 30 Plastic

DIA 8, 10, 12 General Purpose

Foot Switches

Foot Switches Plastic

Machine Signaling

Indicating Tower XVB/XVE/XVD

Indicating Tower XVC/XVK/XVY

Indicating Tower XVP/XVM

Rotating Lights

Economic Push Buttons and Pilot Lights

DIA 22 Monobloc XB7

DIA 22 Regional China

Dedicated Command and Signaling Unit


DIA 22 Metal

Pendant Stations

Remote Radio Control Station

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