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GPS Tracking Software to Boost Your Productivity with a Complete end-to-end Fleet Management System

Real Time Tracking

Advance Scheduling

History Tracking

mobile compatible

Track and manage on the move with real-time monitoring and management with apps

Analytic Dashboard

Whether you want to view the units with leading engine hours and mileage or their statuses.


Create the maintenance requirements and assign them to users, units, and groups.

Advance Reporting

Schedule different reports for any time in the future by applying customized time duration.

The Best Fleet Management System in UAE

High Systems Electromechanics is proud to present the UAE with a cutting edge fleet management system. A new, cutting edge, web-based, telematics system developed to offer real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of your fleet. This one stop solution will ensure that you are able to manage your fleet efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Fleet management system dashboard


Turnkey Fleet Dashboard

The most powerful fleet management platform on the market is here to help you manage your vehicles and drivers with ease. With our innovative tools and features, you’ll be able to keep track of your vehicles and drivers and provide them with a secure environment to work in.

Fleet Management System Modules

Fleet management modules, a fleet management system, is an intricate and multifaceted program. It has many modules to carry out various tasks, and these modules work together to integrate data.


Dashboard provides the complete summary of the fleet management.


It offers a thorough monitoring mechanism for daily fleet operations.


Geofencing is a highly effective module for saving time & enhancing productivity


Dlogs contain all the raw data received from the devices that are connected to the units.


This module contains the detailed information regarding all the trips made by the units.


The user module involves the creation and management of users.


A Vehicle is considered a unit and its addition in the software is done in this module.


The staff management of the fleet is conducted through this module.


Allows users to create customized notifications according to their requirements.

Time Machine

Time machine provides the detailed tracking history of a unit’s trip.


Scheduling of notification can be done in anticipation of an important event.


This module is separately designed to manage different kinds of vehicles effectively.


Different commands can be assigned to units to control certain functions output.


The maintenance of the units is managed and monitored through this module


eLogic allows performing arithmetic and logical operations on various input parameters
mobile app for fleet management systems in UAE

HSE Mobile Apps

HSE offers two excellent user-friendly apps to facilitate the functioning of the fleet management
system which are given below:

1) HSE IoT App

An innovative app offering efficient fleet management and monitoring to businesses
while on the move. It can be integrated with Flotilla IoT web-based software and FX tracker app.

2) FX Tracker App

FX Tracker is a GPS tracking app that provides accurate real-time GPS data to HSE IoT software and app. It is easily downloadable and available for both
Android and IOS.


Most frequent questions and answers regading to fleet management systems

When you need to transport goods, it’s important that you do so as efficiently as possible. This means that you need to consider your fleet of vehicles and how they’re being used. With fleet management software also known as vehicle management system, you can keep track of all of your vehicles and what they’re doing. This will help you reduce your risk of an accident, improve your productivity and save money.

  1. Reduce Freight Expenses
  2. Track Deliveries in Real Time
  3. Increase Customer Service
  4. Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

A powerful and effective fleet management system ( transportation management system) is built on a powerful ooptimization engine that allows for real-time tracking, outputs business intelligence reports and easily integrated to other platforms. Our fleet management software is all this and more. 

Most Powerful Fleet Management System

Achieve your business objectives with HSE Fleet Management System.

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