How is sewage water treated?

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Sewage water treatment is a process that ensures water is safe to use for any number of purposes. As a result, sewage water treatment is a key part of guaranteeing that water is safe for human use and consumption. This article will discuss how sewage water treatment works and how to get the best out of sewage treatment.

What is sewerage treatment

Sewage treatment is a type of wastewater treatment that targets removing contaminants from sewage. Sewage contains wastewater from households, businesses and pre treated industrial wastewater. Typically, wastewater is treated using chemical, biological and physical processes to produce treated effluent that is safe enough to be released into the environment.

how is sewage water treated

What are the three stages of wastewater treatment?

1) Primary stage:

The primary treatment is where wastewater is held in settling tank temporarily so that the heavier solids sink to the bottom and the lighter solids float the surface. After settling, these solids are held back while the remaining liquid is moved through to the more brutal second stage

2) Secondary stage:

The secondary stage is where most of the organic matter in the wastewater is. This stage can be done in one of three ways:

a) Biofiltration: uses sand, contact, or trickling filters to insure the removal of any additional

sediments from the wastewater.

b) Aeration: it is the longest of the tree processes that can take up to 30 hours. It involves the introduction of air to the wastewater in order to increase oxygen.

c) Oxidation ponds: are usually used in warmer climates and by taking advantage of natural water bodies like lagoons where water passes for a set period before being held for two to three weeks.

3) Tertiary stage:

The tertiary stage aims to raise the quality of the treated water to industrial, municipal, and domestic standards. This stage is where most of the harmful bacteria are removed by introducing chlorine in a specific way that is guaranteed to kill 99 percent of the pathogens. This also ensures that the water is safe reuse purposes.

This is one of the ways HSE treats wastewater to our customers. To learn of other ways visit our website or click here to go directly to our web page detailing different water treatment plans we offer.

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