Industrial Automation
Manufacturing Intelligence System Integration DCS & Legacy Migration Batch Programming District Cooling Plants

As a part of the HSE Group, our industrial automation team works daily with our engineers and construction team members and utilizes proven best practices for project execution and design, leading to a nimble, best in class solution. 

Our engineers and specialists possess substantial operating floor and system startup experience in industrial automation and manufacturing systems. As a result of this experience, we approach all projects with the end needs in mind. 

Our technical expertise, hands on approach, and project execution model allows for the design and deployment of full system solutions, to ensure the success of your business

ndt machine


HSE was formed to offer solutions to a range of project needs. 

We are made up of people who are passionate about finding effective ways to solve our customers’ complex business needs. 

We personally guide our customers through the entire process, from initial ideas and designs to construction and implementation, providing them with simplified solutions ranging across all our skill sets and companies.

HSE Industrial Automation provides integrated design of automated systems. 

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of disciplines required to develop the necessary equipment for clients’ applications, including mechanical, electrical and instrumentation designs, PLC, DCS, HMI and movement control systems programming, as well as SCADA and MES applications.

Automation Lives Here

HSE Industrial Automation, provides innovative, cost effective, turnkey manufacturing solutions. 

Unified with our clients, our diverse and talented team executes projects around the world supporting the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Automotive, and Consumer Products Industries. 

We bring significant IT/OT knowledge and solutions across a plethora of platforms including Mitsubishi, Schneider, Rockwell, Honeywell, Emerson, ABB, Siemens and more.

We work directly with your management, opera-tions, and maintenance staff to ensure that your goals are realized while designing and implementing control systems that are operator-friendly, maintainable, and cost-effective.

Design Programming

Turnkey Solutions

Ensuring Success

What can we do:

Our engineers and designers are leaders in the industry, keeping up to date with the latest technology advances. 

We work together with our clients to identify IT solutions specifically tailored to improve business and operational efficiencies resulting in annual cost savings.

hardware and software integration

Hardware and Software Experience

Our services include network design, troubleshooting, security and support services along with system auditing and optimization.

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Industrial Automation Services

  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Optimization and Design Audits
  • Design and Implementation of Virtual Infrastructures
  • Wireless Network Design and Deployment
  • Off-site Support and Remote Management and Maintenance
  • Controls System Active Directory Design and Implementation
  • System Upgrades – Memory, Hard Drive, Network Adapters.
Panel of a cnc machine

Manufacturing Intelligence

Custom KPI and Reporting Dashboards with Enterprise ERP Integration.

Client Tailored Reporting and Visualization Solutions Leveraging, HTML5, SAP, MSSQL, and SSRS and Data Warehousing Solutions

System Integration Solutions

System integration including material handling and packaging is the key to your production efficiency or inefficiency. It is important to have an integrator that understands various equipment, processes, software platforms and – most importantly – your vision. 

HSE Industrial Automation has highly skilled engineers and designers who are well versed in various manufacturing processes, technology platforms, and have established relationships with numerous software vendors. 

We are a member of the Organization for Machine Automation and Control (OMAC) and we provide PackML integration expertise, data acquisition, including OEE, Rapid Changeover and Reliability Improvement, and seamless equipment to equipment communication.

system integration


  • Packaging Layout Design
  • Contractor Drawing Development
  • Plug and Play Networks
  • Electrical Interface Coordination
  • Vendor Coordination
  • System Engineering and Project Management.

DCS & Legacy Migration

HSE Industrial Automation completes DCS and Legacy System Migrations to increase efficiency, decrease errors and reduce costs.

instrumentation and process control

Services Provided

¤ Conceptual and budget estimating; balanced scorecard
¤ Phased or full conversion (rip and replace)
¤ Turn around/ hot cut-over
¤ Full engineering design and turnkey construction capabilities
¤ IT/OT/MES design and integration expertise
¤ Platform Independent, complete process understanding

Batch Programming

HSE Fully-automatic compact batching control, operation is possible in a choice of several languages, Operation via 10.4“ TFT touch screen and membrane keyboard, Manual operation possible via hard-wired flow sequence, Management of order and recipe. 

Respective file for customer, building site, driver and vehicle, Batch protocol memory, Moisture control via manual values or optional sensors, In-flight optimization, Filling and discharge of the mixer in relation to the respective recipe, Processing of residual water (recycling) depending on content of solids, Connection of printer for delivery notes or protocols possible, Front USB connection for data backup.

More efficient switching between operating menus using function keys, Numeric keypad, arrow keys, command keys, Connection points for external PS2-keyboard and mouse.

Real time processing with event driven logic to ensure the highest possible discharge rate for the plant,without limiting the necessary precision

Dynamic moisture measuring for added aggregates (also on the weigher belt) featuring automatic sand water correction Provision for solids content in the residual water In flight optimization adapted to the respective plant technology Automatic regulation of concrete temperature by recording the individual temperatures of all raw materials.


  • Microsoft Windows Professional Operating System
  • Procedure & Monitoring
  • User Administration With Access Rights Management
  • Optimization Of Processes
  • Management Of Orders & Master Data
  • Automatic Safety Monitoring

High Systems Electromechanics LLC combines Hardware (Motor Control Center) and Software (Microsoft Windows-based Operating System; PLC) in an efficient control system. All components factory bench tested with plant simulation before delivery.

District Cooling Plants

Our specific expertise for the District Cooling industry allows us to provide you with innovative strategies and solutions to efficiently manage your complex challenges in energy utilization of District Cooling. 

Recognized as an OEM approved integrator, HSE Industrial Automation has been playing a pivotal role in automation supporting BMS contractors and Control System integrators with all their technical needs in Integration business solutions in District Cooling Plants. 

We handle complex program and control philosophies with ease. From our center of operations in Dubai, we provide Main Plant Automation, SCADA Process and Control, ETS Control, Metering and Optimization solutions, Instrumentation etc.

district cooling plant

We can Supply, design, testing and commissioning of Facility Management System (FMS) for a District Cooling System The SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). 

System ensures smooth network communication between Central Plants and Energy Transfer Stations (located at the user buildings) via TCP/IP protocol over fiber optics. 

We also provide peer-to-peer flat communication architecture to enhance system response and reliability.

With the high level of software integration to the chiller and power distribution systems, the number of hardware points will be significantly reduced.

Oil Field Industrial Automation

automation machine line
– Chemical injection skid
– Power & control System using EEXD Enclosure and fittings
– Variable Frequency drive for dosing pump
– Level monitoring for chemical tanks
– PLC or timer internal control different type of communication
– Pipe Line Monitoring & Communication
– Pump Station Control & Automation
– Wide Range Of Pneumatic
– Mechanical & Electrical Instrumentations With Integration
– Logic Upgradin

Cement Factory Industrial Automation


This system is designed for cement grinding plants; it could control the following milling systems: Closed circuit mill, controls the feed, monitor the mill sound through, bucket elevator amps, separator reject solid flow meter, to optimize the mill for the highest production rates and consistent running conditions, also it monitors the following:
1. Temperatures
2. Oil pressure, flow for lubrication systems.
3. Motors healthy, trip etc.
4. Reject solid flow meter.
5. Mill sound level.
6. Bucket elevator amp reading.
7. Filters pressure drops.
8. Silos full sensors.
9. Gates return signals.
cement plant

The system controls the feeding qty for three material types and it could be more than three.

It maintains consistency ratios for all the ingredients during operation, monitoring the trend of feed, several alarm massages will give alarms the operator for any fault in the field. 

Open circuit mill, for this application it is much easier application compared to closed circuit mill.

It controls the feed according to manual input adequate to achieve the required Blaine, and start stops all the drives, with the correct sequence, monitor

Water Industrial Automation

water treatment

High Systems Electromechanics LLC industrial automation division can offer a range of systems that have the necessary flexibility and dependability to meet these demands.

HSE is backed up with many years of experience working with customers in the water industry.
– STP- Sewage treatment plant
– RO- Reverse osmosis
– Pumping Applications

Pumping can be defined as the ability to compress or drive a fluid. 

Within applications pumping can mean passing a fluid into or out of a system where either fluid pressure or flow rate is controlled. 

Typically an inverter operates at the center of the application determining the control characteristics of the pump.

Lime Industry


lime factory
The system is designed with collaboration with specialized consultant (Maerz) for Vertical shaft kiln used for lime industry,The system are handling the following:

– Controls the firing process of the natural gas used in this process.
– Controls the feed for the mill and its relevant equipment and silos.
– Monitoring and operating the firing process and monitoring the temperatures of firing zone
– Product quality assurance.
– Product discharge process.
– Grinding the free lime.
– Controlling the product dispatch.
– Hydration process control.

Asphalt Plants


Asphalt plant

It is specifically designed for the control of asphalt plants, it enhance customer service, reduce costs.

It increases the productivity and provide reports, and information for billing and accounting systems.It provides fully automatic operation, it is handling the following:
• Control feeding of the raw materials to the furnace.
• Controlling the furnace and the material temperature.
• Weighing the materials according to the mix Proportions.
• Weighing the bitumen and controlling its temperature.
• Discharging the mixed asphalt.
• Maintaining records for the supplied

Concrete Batching Plant


concrete batching plant

It is fully automatic complete control system designed specifically for ready-mix plants, It maintains quality by accurate fast weighing processes and accurate procedures. 

Maintain records for batching history, billing for customers, and could be linked to accounting systems.It enhance customer service, increase the productivity and provide reports, and information for billing and accounting systems. 

HSV 0.8 has the following features:
• Several types of aggregate could be weighed for the same mix design
• Moisture of aggregate could be sensed and compensated automatically.

• Skip hoist or conveyor belt could be configured.

• Several types of cement could be used.

• Ice addition could be done automatically.

• Several types of admixtures could be used for the same mix.

• The system can handle large number of mixes, customers, sites, at its database.

• The systems were designed to be universal for all brands of batching plants.

Other Industrial Automation Solutions

interior view of a steel factory
steel furnace

– Soaking Machine For Solar-cell Production Line
– Recycling Plant For Reject Fresh Concrete
– Cup Printing Machine
– Cup Molding Machine
– Nitrogen Gas Filling Machine
– Remote Control For Barrage Hoist System
– CNC Cutting Machine
– Polystyrene/ Foam Cutting Machine
– Screen Printing Machine
– Control And Monitoring System For Pipe Extrusion Machine
– Sandwich Panel Lines, Roll Forming Presses, Lamination, P U Foaming M/c
– Furnace Control Systems For Solar Cells Production Line
– Plastics (Injection, Blow moulding, Socketing Extrusion
– Chemical Mixing Plant