Industrial Wastewater Treatment

High System Electromechanics LLC helps industries to fulfill increasing industrial wastewater treatment regulations while improving efficiency & reducing waste disposal costs.

Wastewater treatment is critical for every industry. Each industry has its own set of requirements which determines treatment needs.

Our technologies enable faster and more efficient material recovery, reduce loading on downstream treatment processes, provide small footprint sedimentation systems to remove sand and abrasive particles, and improve your operational efficiency.

Industrial wastewater treatment in action

industrial wastewater treatment pic

HSE has helped many specific industries with their industrial wastewater treatment needs. Our pre-treatment equipment is the best in reducing loads on other wastewater treatment processes and recovering by-products.  

Additionally, wastewater from industrial processing often requires on-site treatment before it can be discharged to prevent or reduce environmental impact.

All the clients we’ve worked with are impressed by our services and dedication to bring value in the way we handle our projects. 

Industrial Sectors We've Worked With

  • Water Treatment Companies
  • Healthcare
  • Food Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitalities
  • Real Estate
  • Take a look at some of our prominant projects we’ve worked on:

    What is Industrial wastewater treatment

    Industrial wastewater processing is a critical operational factor for a broad spectrum of industries. Common to most industrial applications is the creation of wastewater.

    Even with the strictest water efficiency measures in place and all efforts made to recycle it, wastewater is inevitable. When onsite treatment equipment is needed, High Systems offers industry leading, liquid-solids separation solutions to solve many of your most challenging wastewater issues. 

    The type of industry and specific operational practices determine what types of wastewater is generated and what type of treatment is required.

    Reducing solids such as waste product, organic materials, and sand is often a goal of industrial wastewater treatment. Some common ways to reduce solids include primary sedimentation (clarification), Dissolved Air Flotation or (DAF), belt filtration, and screening


    • Lower total Suspended Solids (TSS)
    • Reduce particulate Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
    • Bring down particulate Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
    • Reduce sewer surcharge fees
    • Reduce loading on expensive wastewater treatment systems such as Dissolved Air
    • Flotation (DAF) and anaerobic digesters and maximize their treatment efficiency and capacity
    • Reduce hauling costs and volume of waste materials to create additional use options or
      reduce disposal costs
    • Replace primary clarification / sedimentation systems in 1/10th the footprint and use half the operating energy
    • Recover by-product materials for re-sale, re-use/ re-purposing or electricity generation
    • Maximize the efficiency of water reclamation, recycling, and re-use
    • Remove fine particles and sediment from flow streams
    • Protect downstream processing equipment

    HSE engineers and technicians are well experienced in the design, supply and installation of all kinds of wastewater treatment plants and equipment.