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Mitsubishi Electric Introduction

High Systems Electromechanics LLC is the Authorized Distributor of Factory Automation parts from Mitsubishi Electric. The name Mitsubishi Electric is synonymous with innovative, high-quality products – in factory automation as in other sectors.

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Programmable logic controllers, CNC controllers, drive solutions, industrial robots and electrical discharge machining systems from Mitsubishi Electric are widely hailed as leaders in their fields and have been helping to drive business success throughout Europe for over 40 years. 

Users in all industries benefit from our mature, reliable products, customized solutions and comprehensive service and support. 

Mitsubishi Electric branches all over Europe and our extensive network of sales partners in EMEA guarantee outstanding customer service and fast delivery throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

What we can offer

  • InvertersFREQROL
  • Programmable Controllers MELSEC
  • Edge Computing Products
  • Visualization HMI-SCADA
  • AC Servos MELSERVO
  • Industrial Robots MELFA

Frequency inverter drives are a key component of Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation systems. More than 30 years on and with over 28 million units sold worldwide, Mitsubishi Electric is still continually contributing innovations to variable-speed drive technology. 

The latest 64-bit RISC processors, advanced software models and the latest power electronics make today’s variable-speed drive solutions from Mitsubishi Electric both powerful and easy to use. 

Mitsubishi Electric delivers innovative, open, flexible and reliable drive solutions geared to the special needs of individual markets and customers.

Mitsubishi frequency inverters satisfy all the standards and specifications of the European Union 2014/35/EU Low Voltage directive, 2014/30/EU EMC directive and machinery directive 2006/42/EC. 

All products have a CE certificate based on prior mentioned European Standards, and also UL, cUL, EAC, CCC and several Marine Certifications.

Energy saving and regenerating frequency inverters.Mitsubishi inverters are real energy savers achieving maximum drive capacity utilization with minimum power consumption. 

Flux optimization ensures that the connected motor only gets exactly the amount of magnetic flux required for optimum efficiency.They can achieve maximum power savings of up to 60% compared to conventional mains operation, thus minimizing system operating costs.

Mitsubishi Inverter

Product range

The series covers a very broad output range from 0.1kW all the way up to 630kW as single system or up to 1500kW in parallel connection, as well as up to 19500 kVA in 3/6/10/11kV.

What can you expect from Mitsubishi Frequency Inverters?
• Conformity to global standards, specifications and certifications
• An open and flexible drive platform
• A broad product range geared to the needs of the market
• Simple operation and configuration
• Optimized control and data management
• Outstanding product reliability

Plus extensive advanced technology functions like:
• SLV- Vector Control and V/f Control (fully programmable)
• Online Autotuning and automatic slip compensation for outstanding speed stability
• Soft PWM function for reduced motor noise
• OEC technology for maximum power savings
• Active current limiting (tripless operation)
• Automatic restart after power failures
• Flexible control units and intuitive configuration and setup


Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC Series takes control to the next level.MELSEC Series PLCs always meet your system demands and more, with something to offer for any prospective control system.

Enhanced solutions are realized by a wide lineup of PLCs and network systems.

MELSEC iQ-R Series

MELSEC iQ-R Series

The core for next-generation automation environment. 

To succeed in highly competitive markets, it’s important to build automation systems that ensure high Productivity and consistent product quality.

MELSEC iQ-R is taking a three-point approach to solving these problems: Reducing TCO, increasing Reliability and Reuse of existing assets.

MELSEC iQ-F Series

The Mitsubishi MELSEC-F series undergone many advancements, making way for the next generation MELSEC iQ-F Series, with enhanced high speed bus, expanded built-in functions, advanced SSCNET III/H support, and improved engineering environment with parameter settings in GXW3 engineering soft-ware.



With its nano-order speed basic command processes, the next generation MELSEC-Q Series dramatically improves system and machine performance. 

As equipment and manufacturing facilities continue to evolve on a daily basis, the series enables high-speed, high-accuracy and large volume data processing and machine control.

Simple Application Controllers

Simple ApplicationControllers

The easy to use entry model controller for simple applications.

The ALPHA2 controllers offer simple, reliable control for a range of automation applications including lighting, air conditioning, security systems, temperature, and water control.

Edge Computing Products

Edge Computing Products

Mitsubishi Electric Industrial computer opens up new possibilities of manufacturing Industrial computer has been developed maximizing highly reliable device control technology accumulated through development of the MELSEC Series programmable controller. 

Mitsubishi Electric industrial computer MELIPC Series offers new values for Edge computing, IT system coordination, and device control with its robust features and flexibility utilizing general purpose applications.

The MELIPC realizes “real-time control” for device control and “Edge computing” enabling data collection/analysis in the middle level between the IT system and shop floor. 

A wide range of products from a high-end model supporting CC-Link IE Field Network capable of high performance processing and high-speed communications to simple and compact range models are available. 

The MELIPC corresponds with requirements such as real-time control, preventative maintenance, and quality improvement on the shop floor, contributing to productivity enhancement through utilization of production data.


The GOT offers art of design and manufacturing to the world. A wide variety of lineup meets the needs of production sites. 

The GOT boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Coordination with SCADA and factory automation products realizes advanced integrated monitoring system. 

Mitsubishi SCADA software MC Works64 provides high functional monitoring control system along with a wide range of factory automation products, contributing to solutions that can realize visualization, analysis, and improvement.


The GOT offers art of design and manufacturing to the world.A wide variety of lineup meets the needs of production sites. 

The GOT boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency.


MITSUBISHI Electric MELFA industrial robot fits for cell manufacturing with high speed and high precision performance and combining intelligent technology and MELFA Smart Plus, it has easy connectivity with Mitsubishi’s PLCs and FA equipments.