Operation and Maintenance of
Water Treatment Plants

High Systems Electromechanics LLC offers performance operation of water treatment plants in accordance with current applicable Legislation with the minimum financial and social costs and minor environmental impact.

The work that makes up the running of a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) can be classified into two

  • System operation: Different works to manage installation through an understanding of the
    parameter values which define the status of different treatment processes.
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure: Ensuring the condition and operation of equipment and facilities which allows treatment with the inflow parameters determined by Legislation.
HSE water plant operations

Operation and Control Services

Our Technicians work to optimize the water treatment plants actual operations.

• Performance: Ratio (%) between the input and
output quantity for any inflow parameter
• Hours of operation of the equipment
• Waste production ratios relative to treated
volume (daily, monthly)
• Electrical and reagent consumption ratios relative
to treated volume (daily, monthly)
• Hydraulic operation parameters: Tank retention

Maintenance Services

HSE offers a comprehensive maintenance solution for water treatment plants that include:
  • Preventive Electromechanical Maintenance
  • Predictive Electromechanical Maintenance
  • Corrective Electromechanical Maintenance
  • Regulatory Maintenance
  • Specialized Maintenance
  • Analytical control
  • Upkeep
  • We provide contract maintenance and inspection service on behalf of the customer and for the long-term stable operation of the facility.


    Detect defective portions by performing periodic maintenance and inspection.

    Reduce the failure rate by replacing parts at the designated period based on checks of the past inspections and promote preventive maintenance.

    Help customers in drafting BCP (business continuity plan).

    In case of the failure, HSE will take a fast trouble-shooting action based on the past periodical inspection data and recover the facility at the early time.

    HSE engineers listen to requests from customers 24/7, and dispatch experienced field service engineers from our technical support service hub in Dubai.

    HSE engineers and technicians are well experienced in the design, supply, installation and operation of all kinds of water treatment plants and equipment.