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Residential Solar Systems

In residential solar, the basic unit of photovoltaic or PV, technology that converts light to energy is the solar cell. Multiple solar cells are connected and sealed together to form a PV module. Solar panels include one or more PV modules assembled as a pre-wired unit.

In most systems, several solar panels are linked to provide the desired power capacity, typically measured in kilowatts. The complete set of panels that form the entire power-generating unit is called the PV array.

Most home PV systems are assembled as an array of multiple panels attached to the roof, so they are often referred to as a “rooftop solar system,” even though the array can be installed on a free-standing frame or other structure on the property.

HSE Home on-grid solar

Residential On-grid Solar

On grid system are connected to the electric utility lines and are the most common and practical systems for most homes.
When a On grid home solar PV system produces more power than is being used, surplus power is fed into the utility grid.
Net metering is a solar incentive designed to increase the return on your investment in a PV system by crediting your bill for this surplus power at a predetermined rate.

Off-grid solar system

Residential Off-grid & Hybrid Solar

Off-grid solar system works independently of the grid. Most home appliances such as Fans, TV, Cooler, AC, Water Pump etc. can work through this system.
It is the most common type of solar power system with backup. During the day, solar panel charges the battery and runs the home appliances at night, Inverter runs using the battery power.
In Hybrid system grid will be extra connection to inverter in case shortage of solar and battery power.

Benefits of Residential Solar System

residential solar Electricity bill reduction
Minimize your electricity bill by
residential solar ROI

Enjoy 25 years of free power

property value
Increase your property value by
carbon footprint

Reduce your residence carbon foot print

no maintenance

No maintenance required, only cleaning

Residential Combo Packs

5 kwp residential solar with terms
10kwp residential solar with terms
20kwp residential solar with terms

*    Price might carry as per site conditions.

**   Payment plans available subject to financial approval.

Onyx Technology


Onyx Solar is the world’s leading manufacturer of transparent photovoltaic (PV) glass for buildings. Onyx Solar uses PV Glass as a material for building purposes as well as an electricity-generating material, with the aim of capturing the sunlight and turn it into electricity. 

The panes are made of layers of heat-treated safety glass which can provide the same thermal and sound insulation as conventional architectural glass, not to mention the fact that they also let natural light go through in the same way as conventional glass.

The solar panel technology we use is manufactured by Onyx Solar. Click below to learn about Onyx Solar advanced panels and how they can help save energy consumption. After all it’s powering the iconic Dubai Frame.