The Essentials For Your Control Panels

We provide energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability from Schneider electric. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries. We make process and energy safe and reliable, efficient and sustainable, open and connected. You will find all the essentials you need for high-quality control panels in this catalog. Choose the right products to set up your equipment with ease, complete your work. 

Automation & Control

> Boxes, Cabling and Interfaces.
> Contactors and Protection Relays.
> Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
> Industrial Communication
> PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers
> Motion Control and Robotics
> Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters

> Telemetry and Remote SCADA Systems

> Process Control and Safety
> Interface, Safety and Control Relays
> Industrial Automation Software
> Enclosures and Accessories
> Sensors and RFID System
> Motor Starters and Protection Components

Boxes, Cabling & Interfaces

Schneider Control box

Control Stations

Harmony series of pendent control stations and push button enclosures are used for auxiliary or direct control of industrial machinery and processes. Available in plastic and metal with a wide choice of composition and cut-outs, they are ideally suited for industrial building, and infrastructure applications.

remote control station

Remote Control Station

Harmony Industrial remote control station offers durable solutions for standard, medium, rugged duty that are intuitive and ergonomic for the operator.

pre-wiring system

Pre-Wiring System

Our pre-wiring system is a set of products for rapid connection of discrete, analog and  counter I/O modules to operative parts. It acts as a substitute for screw terminal blocks, remotely locating and partly eliminating the single-wire connection.

cabling interface


Safety is incorporated into the interface cabling system by adding a safety monitor and safety interfaces connected together with other standard interface components on the yellow cable.

Contractors & Protection Relays

Schneider contactors and reversing contactors

Contactors and Reversing Contactors

Schneider Electric Discover TeSys, a range of reversing contactors and electrical magnetic switches, designed to make and break current for a variety of applications, including  IEC and NEMA. TeSys offers high reliability and a long mechanical and electrical life, and comes with a complete line of accessories for motor and load control.

over current and thermistor motor protection

Over Current and Thermistor Motor Protection

Discover the Schneider electric range of products in over current and thermistor motor protection. TeSys LR97D, TeSys LT47, TeSys LT3

thermal overload relay

Thermal Overload Relays

Discover the Schneider electric range of products in thermal overload relays: TeSys LR2K, TeSys LRD, TeSys LR9

schneider motor management system

Motor Management System

Discover the Schneider electric range of products in motor management systems: TeSys T, TeSys LRD, TeSys island

Human Machine Interface(HMI)

Easy to install, to set up and to operate, Schneider Electric’s Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) provide a  simple and effective means of connecting systems, collecting data and presenting information in a  meaningful format

schneider human machine interface

Basic HMI Panels

Our basic HMI panels are ideal for performing diagnostics, adding control and adjusting system settings on simple or compact applications. They utilize the same powerful programming software as the more powerful Harmony HMI to reduce your implementation time and offer a compact size to fit into tight spaces.

schneider advanced hmi panel

Advanced HMI Panels

Discover our extensive range of advanced HMI panels that allow users to manage demanding application requirements. From industrial high-performance modular HMI to hand-held panels, they are designed to fill your specific HMI application needs with connectivity openness, a variety of panel sizes, touchscreens and keypad interfaces

schneider human machine interface controller

HMI Controllers

Schneider Electric’s HMI controllers offer brings together Human Machine Interface and control functions within in a single product. This reduces the amount of equipment required and the associated costs throughout the life cycle of the machine.

schneider industrial pc

Industrial PC

Explore a comprehensive range of intuitive industrial PCs for improved productivity to enhance operator experience. Our industrial PCs incorporate the latest technologies to ensure an attractive and open-ended solution being especially suitable for machine manufacturers. It features a large choice of screen size (10,1″ up to 21,5″), multi-touch projected capacitive screens and high modularity.

schneider HMI software

HMI Software

Our HMI software allows you to create and edit application screens that control automation systems for Schneider Electric’s HMI panels and industrial PCs. With Eco-Struxure Operator Terminal Expert software, you can manage touchscreen configuration with UI design and gesture. Use Vijeo Designer to manage classic configuration for the complete HMI range. Get support you need from Eco-Struxure Machine SCADA Expert to configure Harmony iPC (formerly known as Magelis iPC) for data-in-tensive and complex visualization.

USB Accessories for Harmony Terminals

The functionality of the Harmony HMI can be extended with USB-connected accessories. These innovative accessories can be easily installed and operated with HMI terminals. Their configuration is part of the overall HMI project and stored in the terminal memory. The Biometric Switch, Illuminated Switch Panel and the Keyboard Panel are mounted via a 22 mm hole, simplifying installation.and complex visualization.

schneider USB Accessories for Harmony Terminals

Industrial Communications

With Schneider Electric, Connect your automation products to each other and to the rest of your enterprise with our industrial communication devices and networks including gateways, routers, software and network architectures.

schneider core networks

Core Networks

Schneider Electric’s networking standard of choice is Ethernet. Industrial Ethernet has the requisite level of robustness and reliability, connecting all the levels of your business, from plant floor to enterprise, using one common technology. With the addition of Sercos III, Schneider Electric has created the first fully Ethernet-based communication solution.

schneider gateways and routers

Gateways, Switches & Routers

Stay connected in any circumstance with our extensive portfolio of gateways, switches and routers. They help you integrate Ethernet solutions into your operation, from the device level to the control network and to your corporate network while protecting it from external cyber threats.

schneider prolific router

Other Network Devices

Connect Schneider Electric devices to market standards with Profibus fieldbus and HART solutions.

PLC, PAC And Dedicated Controllers

Modicon PLCs and PACs control and monitor industrial operations in a sustainable, flexible, efficient and protected way. Our PLCs and PACs supply edge technology, augmenting it with Ethernet connectivi-ty, built-in cybersecurity, and processing power needed to handle Big Data analysis and protect against new vulnerabilities.

schneider programmable logic controller

Programmable Logic Controllers PLC

Our extensive range of PLC for Industrial Machine stands for innovation, offering a full range of solutions to meet your automation needs. From small automated machines to advanced machine automation, our robust offer of trusted automation solutions enhances machines and processes across manufacturing industries.

schneider programmable automation controller

Programmable Automation Controllers PAC

Our extensive range of PLC for Industrial Machine stands for innovation, offering a full range of solutions to meet your automation needs. From small automated machines to advanced machine automation, our robust offer of trusted automation solutions enhances machines and processes across manufacturing industries.

Schneider Safety Programmable Logic Controllers

Safety PLC Controllers

Our safety programmable controllers enable the moni-toring of simple to complex safety functions for all industrial applications relating to the protection of personnel and machine safety. Designed for use with numerous machine safety functions, these safety PLCs are intended for use in safety-related parts of control systems.

Solar controllers

Controllers For HVAC-R and Solar Applications

Our application-specific controllers maximize profitability and energy efficiency through scalable automation control for HVAC and Solar applications.

Controllers I/O modules for PAC & PLC

Input/Output (I/O) Modules For PLC & PAC Controllers

Boost the performance of your Modicon PAC and PLC controllers with a wide range of digital and analog I/O modules.

Schneider mature offers

Mature Offers

IP20 optimum modular I/O system, for simple machines (up to 248 I/Os)

Motion Control And Robotics

Lexium servo drives, integrated drives, motors and robotics series are designed for automating single-axis to high-performance multi-axis machine applications requiring high-speed movements and precise posi-tioning. Lexium offer is developed for a broad range of motion-centric machines in packaging, material handling, material working, electronics and food and beverage applications.

Variable Speed Drives & Soft Starters

Discover a wide range of variable speed drives and soft starters offering a powerful and reliable combination for your motor control solutions up to 20 MW. Starting from compact products to custom-engineered solutions, they are developed to the highest quality level to meet your needs in various applications, such as industrial processes, machines or buildings

Schneider Low voltage AC process drives

Low voltage AC process drives

Altivar Process is. The Altivar Process range of products and systems is the next generation of variable speed drives, designed to deliver IIoT benefits.

Schneider low voltage ac machine drives

Low voltage AC machine drives

Stay on top of the Smart Machine era. Altivar Machine variable-speed drives are designed to meet the needs of smart machines, and give OEMs the go-to choice for drives in simple and complex applications.

Schneider Low voltage AC building drives

Low voltage AC building drives

Stay on top of the Smart Machine era. Altivar Machine variable-speed drives are designed to meet the needs of smart machines, and give OEMs the go-to choice for drives in simple and complex applications.

Schneider Low voltage AC general purpose drives

Low voltage AC General purpose drives

Stay on top of the Smart Machine era. Altivar Machine variable-speed drives are designed to meet the needs of smart machines, and give OEMs the go-to choice for drives in simple and complex applications.

Schneider Soft starters

Soft Starters

Complete range of soft starters from 0.37 kW (3 A) to 900 kW (1200 A) that reduces mechanical stress on your machines. Whatever your installation, there is an Altistart soft starter to protect your motors.

Medium Voltage AC Process Drives

Medium voltage variable speed drives from 2.4 to 13.8 kV and 0.3 to 20 MW.

Telemetry & Remote Scada Systems


Schneider smart RTUs

Smart RTUs

CADAPack™ Smart RTUs combine the monitoring and communication capabilities of a remote terminal unit (RTU) with the processing and data-logging power of a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Schneider data radio

Data Radios

Trio™ licensed and license-free data radios offer cost-effective, versatile wireless solutions for SCADA and remote telemetry applications

schneider telemetry software

SCADA & Telemetry Software

Scalable and reliable Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software with ready-to-use telemetry features optimized for managing remote assets spread across geographically dispersed infrastructure.

schneider telemetry water solutions

SCADA & Telemetry Water Solutions

Fully-configurable pump station controller and display with local display. Remote access is provided via DNP3 with optional Secure Authentication, or Modbus both via Ethernet and/or serial (232/485). System operational parameters including, total volume, cost/volume pumped, energy consumption and pump performance indicators are collected and can be displayed both locally and remotely.

Process Control & Safety

Run your operations at their full potential, safely. Discover a wide range of powerful and flexible modern process control and safety systems that increase productivity, performance and profit.

schneider process control

Process Control

Need a flexible, powerful control system that meets all your needs? Discover a wide range of process control systems that deliver unrivalled control capability and plant availability.

Schneider process safety

Process Safety

Need to protect your most valuable assets? Discover a wide range of process safety systems that protect your people, production assets, the environment and profits.

schneider compressor control

Compressor Safety

Guardian Compressor Control Solutions. Proven control systems for rotating equipment. Guardian™ is recognized in industry as a leading automation and control solution for compression and industrial process control.

Interface, Safety & Control Relays

Discover a complete portfolio of electrical relays including electromechanical, solid-state, timer, control, and monitoring relays, as well as counters and interfaces. Available worldwide and renowned for their robustness and accuracy, Zelio relays offer an ideal solution for both PLC interfaces and wired logic functions.

schneider automation relays

Automation Relays

Enhance operational efficiency and optimize equipment availability with Zelio, our widest range of relays. Zelio relays are designed, manufactured and tested to meet your needs for both wired logic functions and PLC interfaces.

schneider interface relays

Interface Relays

Zelio interface relays are designed for interfacing discrete digital control signals exchanged within an automated system between the processing unit and other components. Our offer also includes analog converters for converting signals from sensors or electrical measurement devices into standard electrical signal.

schneider safety relays

Safety Relays

Safety and health are important customer concerns in every market segment, so it’s essential to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity as well as to protect your brand image. More than ever, you need to implement smart solutions that will make your machines safe.

Industrial Automation

Whether you design, build or operate and maintain systems or installations, our software is here to help you achieve maximum energy efficiency, performance, reliability and safety.

Enclosures & Accessories

Protect the reliability and efficiency of your processes with a complete range of high-quality, standard and custom enclosures for electrical distribution, data network and industrial automation applications.

Sensors & RFID Systems

A global leader in industrial sensors’ business, Telemecanique Sensors offers a wide range of detection technologies including limit switches, proximity sensors, photoelectric, safety and pressure switches. Our aim is to simplify the life of our customers, allowing them to concentrate on their core-added value and machine performance.

Motor Starters & Protection Components

Explore the broadest range of solutions to feed, control and protect electric motors. Find our contactors for high-durability direct online, star-delta or reversing motor control. Combine them with circuit breakers to meet machine safety standards and protect your motors against overloads and short circuits.