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High Systems Electromechanics LLC is a leading innovator in the IoT sector in the UAE bringing smart solutions to businesses. Our expert engineers work on determining how new technologies can be used to

  • increase productivity,
  • efficiency
  • sustainability in a workplace setting.

    Using IoT, businesses can accurately measure processes and make well informed decisions.  Our smart solutions consist of:


    • Rotating Fins
    • Workers Safety
    • Fleet Management
    • Workplace Monitoring
    • Waste Management
    • Air Quality
    • Energy Monitoring

Smart Rotating Fins

High systems smart rotating fins

The purpose of the rotatable fins is to avoid direct penetration of Sunlight into the buildings and provide fascinating view.
The fins will follow the Sun’s position throughout the day.

The movement of Rotatable fins is determined by the Astronomical position of the Sun.

A (PLC) is programmed in such a way that it will trace the Sun’s Astronomical position, throughout the day, over the whole Year and accordingly will instruct the fins to follow the Sun.

Smart workers

Worker Safety costs businesses billions every year in industries with especially perilous working environments. These industries include Construction, Oil Gas, Mining, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Rail.

Such businesses are beginning to adopt IoT technology to help minimize risk and address preventable threats.

HSE Technology is easy to use. The software solutions combine wireless, wearable safety, health, and position tracking. 

These facilitate Connected Worker Remote Monitoring Solutions that reliably keep safety managers and workers connected 24/7.

Fall & Slip Detection

SOS Button

SOS Button

temperature, humidity and air quality

Temperature, humidity and air quality

Location Tracking Indoor & Outdoor

Location Tracking Indoor & Outdoor

Danger Zone Restricted Area Access

Danger Zone Restricted Area Access

Communication: 4G, LTE-M, NB-Iot, Bluetooth

Communication: 4G, LTE-M, NB-Iot, Bluetooth

Emergency Evacuation & Tracking

Emergency Evacuation & Tracking

Safety & Productivity Reports

Safety & Productivity Reports

Connected worker Architecture
Fleet management

Smart Fleet Management

Smart fleet management enables businesses to integrate fleet management technologies to utilize the management, maintenance and  obtain optimum efficient operations of their fleet. 

HSE has positioned itself as a leading smart fleet management solutions provider.

Smart fleet solutions
Smart Workforce monitoring
Smart waste management cover

Smart Waste Management

Central Concept
Providing information that serves the purpose of digitalization and process optimization, thus enabling clients to save time and money

Hightech IoT devices, through intelligent combination of sensor technology coactivity and energy efficiency with unique on-board intelligence, provide the required information (platform independent).

waste management base technology

Air Quality Monitoring & Management

Smart air quality monitoring

Indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air and has serious repercussions on health: an individual spends between 80 and 90% of his time in an enclosed space. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been linked to the development of asthma, allergies or chronic lung diseases, as well as delayed infant growth and poor education outcomes.

IAQ Monitoring required to highlight and manage:
• Poorly functioning HVAC systems providing minimal ventilation with outside air Chemical off-gassing from pressed wood and other high-emission materials
• High humidity leading to mold growth Site air pollution from nearby parking lots, loading areas or Industrial facilities.

Smart Energy Monitoring

ISO50001 Energy Monitoring and Management

Highlights and quantifies potential energy saving measures(ECM) to reduce facility energy demand and achieve ongoing energy performance improvement goals.

Automation of monitoring energy performance indicators and with alerts on all variances of consumption trends. Thereby simplifying the management of non-compliance, corrective, and preventive actions.

Real time notification alerts of deviations, errors, anomalies, and excess consumption.

Control system to operate facilities in real time through Al energy optimizing algorithms generating energy cost savings of up to 30%.