Solar Street Lights

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High Systems Electromechanics LLC supplies integrated LED Solar Street Lights in UAE with “ALL-IN-ONE” technology. The LED street lights integrate:

  • Highly efficient solar panel
  • Super bright LED
  • Compact LiFePO4 lithium battery
  • Motion sensor
  • Smart Power Management System.

All which are assembled into a cabinet to achieve features such as easy to install, long lifespan and environmentally friendly.

solar street lights components

Features & Benefits of Street Lights

integrated solar

ALL-IN-ONE solar light is the most convenient design for transportation, installation and maintenance

lifepo4 solar battery

Fully recyclable LiFePO4 batteries are half weight and size of lead acid and offer as much as 10 times the life cycle.

light movement detection

A built-in PIR sensor regulates the light output between full brightness and DIM mode depending on movement detection for saving energy.

solar street lights render

The ultimate fully-integrated solar street light system.
No cabling. No trunking. Uses NO Electricity.

solar street lights LED


Adopted BRIDGELUX LED with average light illumination of 110|m @350mA, 85C

Bat wing light distribution

Leadsun new design light distribution lens widely improve illumination effect. Compared with the last generation product, illumination area enlarge 40% more, and illumination uniformity improves by up to 200%

solar street lights detection

Motion Detection

Integrated LED Solar Street Lights comes complete with built-in motion detection system that automatically regulates the light source from full brightness (100%) to the energy saving output (30%) to increase battery autonomy.

HSE engineers and technicians are well experienced in the design, supply and installation of all kinds of water treatment plants and equipments. 

Solar Street Lights

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