What is Grey Water?

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Greywater, also known as a ‘gray water’, is water that is discarded from a household that is not classified as blackwater, or wastewater. The term refers to water from a kitchen sink, lavatory, or laundry machine. It is used for irrigation purposes. Greywater is an important water source for those who live in drought-prone areas. It is also used in a variety of other ways, which we will explore in this article.

Where grey water comes from?

Greywater is the relatively clean water that is the waste of washing dishes, doing laundry, and taking showers or baths. It can be generated in households or office buildings. Greywater can be reused as an irrigation water source for the yard. If released into the oceans or rivers it can be considered as pollutants, however it is a valuable fertilizer for plants. Using greywater for vegetable irrigation is also possible, but be careful as to not spray the water directly to the edible parts of the plant.

Grey water recycling

Through HSE you can also treating greywater to expand its usage to toilet flushing systems and a safer irrigation of fruits and vegetables (the treated water can be directly sprayed onto the plant).

Guidelines for using untreated greywater:

  • Don’t store grey water for more than 24 hours because the nutrients will start to break down, creating bad odors.
  • Minimize contact with it as it could contain some pathogens that might be transferred from students. It is safe for irrigation but not for drinking by animals or people.
  • Greywater should be integrated into the ground, not allowed to pool or run off. Pooling water can provide mosquito breeding grounds and a place for contact with the greywater.
  • Keep a simple system- avoid pumps and filters that need upkeep.

Greywater is a safe, effective, beneficial, and money and water saving method of reusing water. It can be used for irrigation and for toilet flushing systems.

HSE engineers and technicians are well experienced in the design, supply and installation of all kinds of water treatment plants and equipment for residential and commercial use. 

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